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Hi Bosko! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Hi, team 123! I believe that is always hard to speak about yourself but it is part of the game. If you don’t know how to do it, then you need to learn and describe yourself in a simple way. I consider myself as a young ambitious guy with many talents, especially in the hands and mouth. Very sensitive and emotional, but also with a big capacity to handle when life is not very nice. My soul is old, but my body and spirit are feeling young. Through the years, discovering myself I found many things inside, a mixture of everything. I had to pass through huge transformation to be who I want to be and to do what I want to do.
When I was young I had a different idea about what I want to be. I was actually blonde and quite. I wanted to be a chief, than Ingenieur, lawyer, dentist, psychologist and then my biggest wish ever was to be a bus driver. That was definitely my biggest wish but I never realised it, because I was a good student and no one allowed me to do it. Years later, in one of my life cycle I went just one meter on the right from drivers place. I became a tourist guide
I have never in my life planned to be an artist. I mean, I was always different and quite rebel and didn’t know where that road will take me. I have started to paint in my early 30s, that hidden talent inside of me was just burning and waiting to go out. Now, I am a professional painter. Life is crazy, no?
How do you describe your art?
I would say that my art makes you think and feel, also get inspired in any way. Anyone who saw my artworks live said that it “works” them. Probably waking up some corners inside that they even don’t know that exist. I don’t do it in purpose, it's just natural and I am happy because of it
It is original, different and unique. I like to be influenced by others but at the end has to be something new, I don’t like copies
How do you go about selecting topics to paint?
When the moment of creation comes it just comes naturally. Normally I feel when is the moment to create something new, and I don’t force it. I paint what I feel. They are a combination of my internal creativity and also healing. I do not seek for inspiration, it just comes. Can be at any moment. Life is the biggest inspiration that can be. Everything that we live in, and how we see and feel things, daily influences that we have around us. Everything affects everything. Colours and material that I will use, size of the canvas, part of the day that I will create etc…Sometimes I go for it, doing in purpose but most of the time as I said it comes naturally. Mostly by night. 90% of the artworks I did was by night. My most creative part of the day is from midnight until 2 am. My work is to have all the material ready, feel free and the topic will just come
You were a refugee twice, and growing in Balkan wars has left a strong scars on you. How has art helped you cope with that?
Unfortunately, my family and I, we had to feel that in this life. Being in the wars and growing with it left you the scars for all life. Thank God we all survived it, but then you become someone who doesn’t have “your” place. In any place, I lived so far I felt like a stranger. If You asked me that 10 years ago, I would probably be angry at someone, sad or lost. There was big emotional turbulence within, but I worked so hard on it. I didn’t want to let those things to influence my life which obviously did. Everything I lived so far was because of the beliefs I have made as a child, pictures that I saw, poor life and it was exactly in that period of wars. Not everything is dark from there, we had a beautiful moments. I assume I am still cleaning it. Art is healing, art is channelling me, it is so deep inside of me and I accepted it as part of my essence
Is there a message you are trying to send with each piece, or is it something else?
 I like to inspire people, share my talents, my energy and passion, and if someone feels that is doing well on them – that makes me happy and keep me going. I don’t find that art is someone's vomiting and darkness. That’s not art, that’s drama. How can that help anyone? I know darkness is a part of the journey but I don’t find it necessary to go around and show it. Go beyond that. Show what comes after, how did you rise on it and share a story if needed but not as the end of the product. I have destroyed many of my artworks because of that. Burned them 


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