The creative part of the day

The story says that intelligent people are creating by night…Why? Because the other ones are sleeping 😄
Just kidding 
The night is a time when we feel calmer and we can do better and deeper connection with ourselves…
While some artists are creating by day and are dependent on the light and shadows, in my case it is not like that.
The best creations so far I made by night
It is just you: your energy, hands, voice or whatever you are using…
There are no other energies that interact with yours.
No fears that someone or something will interrupt you and tell you that is not good or not…
The night is considered as darkness, and that is exactly the time when you can reveal the light by creating something...
For example, big Russian writers like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others were all writing by night
The best creative time for me is from midnight until 2:30 am.
When is yours? 😉 ✍️ 🎨 🎤

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