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London based contemporary artist with Balkan roots enhanced by the Spanish spirit where he lived for many years. Educated in the arts and  history, self-taught painter, performer, model and clothes designer. Bosko has discovered talent in his late 20’s.


“My art is spiritual, I am channelling the Light, my hands are just an instrument. Every piece I create is a reflection and the state of mine in that moment”, he says. “My main message through art is freedom. I want people to feel free from clamp of the society, but also our own inner ones“. I am a quiet rebel. I am here to share the talents I got from the above, to help others and encourage them to express the inner worlds, and get liberate from the limits of the society. We are a one big unity, and we have to help each other and make a world better place. Spread the peace and love, through the art and that’s my mission. My childhood was marked by wars. I was a refugee twice during the Yugoslavian wars in the ‘90s and that left a big scar in my life”


He likes to combine modern art with traditional techniques.

Colourful, strong, mix textures, different materials, fulfilled with love and passion. Purport to be free, to be what you are and do not be  afraid to  step out of  the  crowds, encouraging others to express themselves without the approval of others.

Life, momentums, spirituality and sexuality are his biggest inspirations.


On the other hand through the clothes design, as a  quilter, he likes to renew clothes -  make art of  them.

“All my  clothes are unique, and designed for each customer. I  design    for people with a strong personality, brave, and self-confident”. Encouraging others to be more original with individual style”

For him sewing is connecting, where he want to show that connecting our inner worlds, even if they are broken we can connect our outside worlds.

He admire Picasso, Dalí and Kandinsky, they left a big influence on him, but also he believe that every artist has to be original, different, and unique. Bosko had a several collective and solo exhibitions, and various collaborations in Barcelona, Miami, Kuwait and London. Have had collaboration with The Cult House London, Never Fade concept store in Soho and Oxford Street, Panacheous black store Kuwait city, Parallax art fair – Chelsea Town Hall, Portobello Road  Market, Old Spitafields and more. He has been interviewed and published in many art, also fashion magazines.

“My art is my passion, as long as   I’m inspired I’m going to keep doing things. It is part of me

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